August 2015 Jenna & Sam’s Engagement

Jenna and Sam had a great fun theme they wanted for their engagement photos. 1/2 the shot we took were of them dressed in 1950’s era inspired clothing! Some of the shots we choose to edit in a more vibrant and modern look, while some we made to look a little more period correct. We ended the afternoon with a quick shoot on the beach in Muskegon. 6O8A0479paper 6O8A0482paper 6O8A0496-Editpaper 6O8A0509-Editpaper 6O8A0528paper 6O8A0574paper 6O8A0584paper 6O8A0615paper 6O8A0620paper 6O8A0643paper 6O8A0655paper 6O8A0661-Editpaper 6O8A0690paper 6O8A0714paper 6O8A0722paper 6O8A0837-Editpaper

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