Michigan Imagery Sculpture

This is our updated resume of metal sculptures for the fall of 2015. We now have full licensing rights for Michigan State University and University of Michigan! Along with all our other items we have really started to make a name for ourselves in the festival circuit around Michigan. Look for us this December at the MSU Holiday show December 5th, and 6th! 6O8A5708paper 6O8A5709paper 6O8A5710paper 6O8A5711paper   6O8A5715paper 6O8A5716paper 6O8A5720paper 6O8A5721paper 6O8A5722paper 6O8A5724paper 6O8A5725paper 6O8A5726paper  6O8A5728paper 6O8A5729paper 6O8A5730paper 6O8A5731paper 6O8A5732paper 6O8A5733paper 6O8A5734paper 6O8A5735paper 6O8A5736paper  6O8A5739paper 6O8A5740paper 6O8A5742paper 6O8A5743paper 6O8A5744paper 6O8A5745paper 6O8A5746paper 6O8A5747paper 6O8A5749paper 6O8A5750paper 6O8A5751paper 6O8A5752paper 6O8A5753paper 6O8A5754paper 6O8A5755paper 6O8A5756paper 6O8A5757paper 6O8A5758paper 6O8A5759paper 6O8A5760paper 6O8A5761paper 6O8A5762paper 6O8A5763paper 6O8A5764paper 6O8A5765paper 6O8A5766paper 6O8A5767paper 6O8A5768paper 6O8A5769paper 6O8A5770paper 6O8A5771paper

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