We are Dane and Caitlin. We are addicted to chipotle and are full time artists! 
You can find us constantly traveling, working, and creating beautiful art and images together. When we are home, we are in our warehouse coming up with ways to make Lansing more beautiful and hashing out our disagreements with our arsenal of nerf guns (whoever reaches the automatic nerf gun first usually wins).

Our spirit of playful spontaneity produces work that radiates beautiful Michigan imagery. We have been shooting weddings professionally for 5 years and deliver an intimate view of your most brilliant life.

Please contact us with any questions or pricing information!



Where are you based? We are based in Lansing, Michigan although it is not uncommon for us to be in Traverse City, MI visiting friends and family.

Do I get printing rights of all my photos? Yes!  We want you to PRINT YOUR IMAGES just as much as you do!

Who do you work best with? Everyone! Let me break that down… We are lucky enough to work in a wonderful industry, everyone coming to us is seeking a photographer to capture a beautiful day in their life! All of our clients have the same basic aspiration, and the most amazing part of our job is learning how to deliver each couple’s style. This truly surprises some clients, but we love input, and we love taking photos that truly capture your relationship. We work together many hours before your wedding day, with the engagement session, through email, and over the phone hashing out the details of your wedding. Our goal is to have NO questions for you day of your wedding, we will already know your complete vision and be working for you to help your vision come to life. Photography is best when we can seamlessly allow the day unfold in front of our lens. This is our main ‘secret’ and it is why we truly work best with all our clients.

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