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Easy to read,  high impact, signs that draw attention to your business.

Illuminated Exterior or Interior Sign

Face Lit

Channel Letters

Front lit, or standard, channel letters have an aluminum back, LED lights, aluminum sides (called returns) and acrylic faces.  

Channels letters may be flush mounted directly onto the building or mounted on a raceway. A raceway is a metal box that contains the channel letters and the wiring and power supply for the lighting. Raceway mounted signs require fewer building penetrations. Standard channel letters may also be mounted on a top and bottom rail which are attached to the building.

Illuminated channel letters with acrylic front, perfect for small business sign
East Lansing Storage Channel letter sign being installed
Illuminated Exterior or Interior Sign

Reverse Lit/ Halo Lit

Channel Letters

Halo lit also known as reverse lit channel letters are similar to front lit channel letters, but the face is made of aluminum and the back is made of clear polycarbonate. The interior lighting is directed toward the back of the letter, which is mounted two inches away from the wall, causing the light to illuminate the wall, leaving a negative space where the letters are. This creates a very dramatic halo effect around the channel letters at night.

Non Illuminated Exterior or Interior Sign

Formed Letters

Formed letters, also known as non illuminated channel letters are a great option for well lit outdoor areas or interiors.

For letters larger than 2″ formed letters come in stainless steel or aluminum materials and can be polished, mirror finish, or painted a color to match your logo.

Illuminated Exterior or Interior Sign

Cabinet Sign

Cabinet signs, also referred to as lightbox signs, are typically mounted to a storefront wall. They can be internally illuminated signs, or non illuminated.

Cabinet signs are most commonly manufactured using extruded aluminum components that are welded together, providing a strong frame for polycarbonate or impact-resistant acrylic sign faces. While many cabinet signs are rectangular, nearly any shape can be achieved, giving business owners the option to fully customize their signage in order to best attract customers.

Cabinet style sign for retail space
Illuminated Exterior or Interior Sign

Exposed Neon Channel Letters

Coming Soon!

Exposed neon channel letters are similar to standard channel letters, but the face is clear, exposing the neon. The inside of the can is also open to view, adding to the channel letter’s three dimensional appearance.


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