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Monument signage is highly versatile because the style and design can match your brand and increase your visibility.

Illuminated Sign

Illuminated Monument Signs

Internally illuminated monument signs are typically fabricated just like the unlit versions but with different materials to let the light show through.

Face illumination is achieved by using a lexan face with logo graphics printed on top 

Halo illumination is achieved by using through acrylic faces vinyl wrapped only on the front for a softer halo light around the letters.  

Cantilevered monument sign with interior LED lights
custom metal work, custom monument sign, illuminated cabinet, concrete base, Terra Vista, Barry's Bagels, East Lansing Storage, Flora
Exterior Sign

Monument Sign

Double Sided

A monument sign is a ground-level sign that a driver notices or a person passing by can easily see the business information. Mounument signs are typically double sided and have a custom welded internal frame to support the panels. 

The base can be made from brick and mortar construction, stone, concrete, stainless steel, plastic, or other durable materials.

Installation of monument sign, custom monument sign, Backlit channel letter, illuminated cabinet, East Lansing Storage, Barry's Bagels, Flora
monument style sign corten and stainless steel for woodlands of dewitt
Corten and Stainless steel commercial sign custom made sign for Woodlands of Dewitt
Exterior Sign

Monument Sign Single Sided

This is the best monument sign option for a one way street. Single sided monument signs do not require a frame to support the sides. It can typically be installed into the ground or into a concrete base.

The sign pictured is laser cut corten backed with polished stainless steel to be sure the sign is high contrast and easy to read. 

Exterior Sign

Post and Panel Sign

Smaller than a monument sign the post and pannel sign is a great exterior option that a driver notices or a person passing by can easily see the business information.

Typical construction includes the posts into the ground with concrete footings and a laser cut face (single or double sided) 

Modern laser cut black and stainless steel sign

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