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Ever heard of a house or place of business that was made out of a shipping container? With the cost of building materials at an all time high many builders and fabricators are using shipping containers to create amazing structures.

Custom made shipping container park for food and entertainment
Detroit Shipping Co.

Used shipping containers are surprisingly affordable and typically come in 20 and 40 foot lengths. They’re made to be stacked making them perfect for multi-level shops and restaurants like this 12,000-square-foot entertainment venue designed and fabricated by the Detroit Shipping Co.

Repurposed used shipping containers turned in to affordable housing
83 Freight Apartment Complex in Nashville, TN

83 Freight located in Nashville, TN is the largest residential shipping container community in North America. 173 up-cycled shipping containers were assembled to form 83 individual apartments with varying sizes and floor plans.

Used shipping containers are ideal for small restaurants and shops
Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas

Located on Freeman St. in historic downtown Las Vegas is the Downtown Container Park. This unique attraction features a wide variety of restaurants, cocktail lounges and boutiques with live music and local artists. They even have a treehouse and slide made out of stacked shipping containers that stands 33 feet high!

Repurposed shipping containers constructed together to make a house
Shipping Container Home

Michigan Imagery is always looking for new and exciting challenges to take on and we’re very excited about the possibilities that shipping containers offer. We’re currently working on a shipping container project that we’re not quite ready to reveal yet but look forward to sharing all the details in the near future.