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Personalized wall mounted sign fabricated and installed in Mid Michigan.

The owners of 3 Legged Dog Yoga + Strength studio, located in downtown DeWitt, were looking for an exterior sign to hang from the side of their building. They wanted something bright and vibrant that would stand out and align with their brand. We decided to go with a two panel sign that featured both their logo and the name of their studio. The panels are attached to both sides so that they can be seen from either direction.

Exterior wall mounted sign for new business in DeWitt MI

We built the frame out of 2″ squared cold rolled steel, powder coated in a vibrant fireside copper color.

Custom metal business sign attached to exterior wall

For the sign panels we used galvannealed steel powder coated in a soft satin white, along with cold rolled steel for the logo and letters powder coated in night blue.

Exterior wall mounted sign for a small business in Michigan

To attach the letters and logo to the panel we used both stand off bolts and some unique blue rivets that match the color of the letters.

Tailor-made metal business sign attached to the side of a yoga studio

This beautiful, unique sign is sure to catch eyes from blocks away!