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Custom made 3D steel sculpture standing almost 6 feet tall

Custom 3D sculpture made from powder coated steel
American Plumbing Steel Sculpture
Cold rolled steel plates attached with blind rivets
Bronze Colored Steel Plates Attached to Sculpture with Rivets
Steel plates sculptured into and Eagle Head
Eagle Head Welded and Blended
Hot rolled steel eagle sculpture for a local business
Fabricating the Eagle Logo
Design and proof of large metal sculpture
Proof of Design Sent to Client

This custom project allowed us to take a logo and transform it into a 3d sculpture! American Plumbing needed a sculpture with a base that breaks apart just in case they want to take it to a large trade show. The Sculpture is made out of steel and powder coated silver and bronze standing just about 6 ft tall. From concept to creation you can see the steps we took here, to create this beautiful sculpture that will proudly stand in their lobby for years to come.