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Bridge and Main is the cutest little market to hit DeWitt! We just love the space filled with locally made items in a clean beautiful retail space. This business was taking over a blue building that used to be an ice cream parlor, so after all the major demo was said and done the next step was signage, enter Michigan Imagery.


Working with the owners of Bride and Main was a very easy process. They knew what they were looking for and with a little input from our graphic designer we had a plan within a few days. It was important for the sign to stand out while showcasing the clean modern look they have throughout their store.

After the design process was finalized the wood and metal work began! Here is a photo that was used to update our customer during the process. The last step was the metal frame and it was ready to be delivered.

Checkout our installation photos on our cold rainy Michigan Day. Placing this signage required a very special truck due to the very complex surroundings (stairs, awning, tree, and if you can see just behind the man-lift very low hanging power lines. )

There it is! Our beautiful custom sign on the renovated building of our proud owners of the Bridge and Main Market!