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In recent months many homeowners have reached out to Michigan Imagery looking for laser cut panels to serve as either privacy fences or to obstruct unwanted eyesores on their property.

Custom privacy fences made in Lansing, MI
Custom aluminum fence

A homeowner in DeWitt had recently purchased a generator for their house and reached out looking for a custom fence or shroud to cover it up. Our design team got to work and mocked up a few different custom patterns for the client who then chose these stunning geometric panels.

a custom made shroud to cover up outdoor appliances
Powder coated laser cut panels

The generator still needed to be accessible so the decision was made to go with this L shaped design. The frame was welded together using 2″ square aluminum tubing with 18″ feet dug into the ground. The custom aluminum panels were attached to the frame using self tapping screws and then the whole thing was sent over to our friends at Clockwork Powder Coating to get painted this incredible bronze color.

handmade fencing secured into the ground
Matching custom panels

After the generator cover was installed the clients liked it so much they requested another panel to help hide the electrical and gas connections on the side of their house. Both of these custom made fences were secured into the ground using heavy duty cement to ensure they stay in place for years to come.

custom aluminum fence on the side of a house

If you’re in the market for some custom fabricated fencing to help hide outdoor appliances or to add some extra privacy to your backyard reach out to us today to see what we can design for you!