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Custom of stainless steel commercial signs were just installed yesterday for DLP Financial Partners located in Alma, MI.

Wall mounted commercial sign with adjustable LED lights
Back lit LED exterior sign

The client was moving into a new location and wanted something sleek and elegant to match the design of their newly renovated building. The four exterior signs were laser cut and fabricated from stainless steel to prevent rust and ensure a high end finish for the long term.

Illuminated commercial sign for a business in Alma, MI
Brushed stainless steel exterior commercial sign

To create the large exterior signs we started by laser cutting the client’s logo out of a sheet of stainless steel. Next is sanding the sign faces using the same methods outlined in a previous blog post to create a brushed finish. After sanding we welded together pieces of stainless steel angle to create a recessed frame that we then affixed to the face of the sign with a strong adhesive. With the frames complete we then cut pieces of frosted acrylic and used epoxy to glue them to the back side of the sign. Finally it was time to line the interior of the frame with all weather LED lights that will shine through the acrylic.

laser cut acrylic letters attached to a stainless steel backer
Exterior sign made with brushed stainless steel and acrylic

For the sign above their main entrance we used our Epilog laser to cut the business name lettering out of 1/4″ matte black acrylic. They were attached to the brushed stainless steel backer using 3M transfer tape.

Routed acrylic sign with stainless steel frame
Push-through acrylic interior commercial sign

For the large interior sign we constructed the face and frame the same way we did for the exterior signs but instead of a sheet of acrylic on the back side we went with a push-through acrylic design. We purchased a large sheet of 3/4″ acrylic and used a commercial router to mill the DLP logo out. The end result is a piece of acrylic that fits right through the laser cut face of the sign. (We left the protective paper on the acrylic to avoid any scratches while they finalize construction on the new building.) The interior of this sign is also lined with programable LED lights that will shine through the acrylic. Unfortunately the electrical system is still being worked on in the building so we weren’t able to turn the lights on yet but look for a future update on this post with the finalized pictures.