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Commercial signs made out of laser cut acrylic sheets are becoming increasingly popular. With the cost of lumber and metal up it’s no wonder many people are making the switch to acrylic. Unlike wood and metal, acrylic signs are not susceptible to warping or rust and are also easy to keep clean.

Laser cut acrylic letters for a commercial sign
Entrance to the Michigan Imagery shop

Cast acrylic sheets can be purchased from a number of online vendors including Johnson Plastics Plus and Estreet Plastics. These sheets come in a variety of colors, size, and thickness.

Extruded acrylic sheets come in a wide variety of sizes and colors
Cast Acrylic Sheets

Both cast and extruded acrylic sheets are a breeze to cut and etch using a commercial laser like this Epilog Legend 36EXT. This specific model can be used with acrylic sheets as large as 36″ x 24″

Commercial laser used to cut acrylic signs for small businesses
Epilog Legend 36EXT Commercial Laser

Most acrylic sheets will come with a protective film on the face. It’s recommended that you keep that film on when etching and cutting, the laser will cut right through it and the film protects the sheet from any scorch marks. To adhere the cut acrylic to a sign backer or wall this 3M 9502 transfer tape works wonders. Prior to cutting the acrylic apply the transfer tape to the back side of the acrylic sheet making sure to remove any air pockets that may form. The laser will cut through the transfer tape with ease and once ready to install the cut acrylic simply remove the tape to reveal the adhesive.

If you’re looking for a stylish yet affordable sign for your commercial business or place of work reach out to Michigan Imagery today to see all of our acrylic options and designs.

Custom acrylic sign for a retail store in Novi Michigan
Laser Cut Acrylic Sign