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Interior and exterior commercial signs for Lion Labs

Lion Labs is a state licensed process facility located in Lansing, MI. They reached out to us because they weren’t satisfied with traditional commercial signs, they were looking for something unique and eye catching.

Aluminum commercial sign with routed extruded acrylic
Interior push through acrylic sign

The client was looking for both an interior and exterior sign, for the interior one we recommended a push trough acrylic sign with LED back lighting.

Fabricating a commercial sign in our Michigan based sign shop
Testing out the LEDs in our shop

The frame for this sign was made using laser cut aluminum and then milled extruded acrylic was used for the letters and logo.

Adjustable LEDs shine through this metal and acrylic interior sign
Final product after getting installed

The interior of the frame was lined with LED lights that shine through the acrylic. The lights come with a remote that can be used to change the colors and brightness.

Powder coated metal sign for the exterior of a local business
Exterior aluminum sign

The exterior sign was made with two layers of aluminum, powder coated them black and white and then attached them together using rivets.

Unique custom made metal commercial sign

If you’re a business owner in Michigan and are looking for some unique custom made commercial signage reach out today to see what we can design for you!