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This was one of those jobs that someone comes into us asking, ‘Hey can you guys make something I can’t find anywhere else?” ….UM YES that is the literally the reason we are here living and breathing, please tell us more.

This client splits his time between Mexico and Michigan. He wanted an abstract metal room divider that doubled as a headboard that was inspired by Mexican found object artists (don’t know what this is? I had to google it too, I highly recommend checking it out). After some research and another meeting we had a plan for his custom metal piece and we had the clients confidence because with jobs as abstract as this, we need your trust.

After fabricating our metal frame the methodical placement of the pieces began. It’s important to make it look abstract without making it look like we put too much thought into the placement of the pieces, a task in itself!

The final product was exactly what our client had hoped for and we are so pleased to have been a part of this beautiful modern loft space. Tigre really seems to be cozy in his new space!!