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The Avenue is Lansing Michigan’s premier spot for amazing food (Ruckus Ramen), craft cocktails, and to play some classic pinball! The Avenue is an official Stern Army location which gives them first access to all the new Stern pinball tables.

As fans of pinball ourselves we were excited when they reached out looking for a custom metal art piece to fit with their pinball theme.

Custom metal art for The Avenue

Located on busy Michigan Avenue, the client was looking for something with backlit LED illumination that would stand out among the many businesses in that area. They also wanted the art piece to include all the well know pinball elements such as a pop bumper, flipper, and of course the pinball!

Hanging the frame

A three dimensional frame was made out of 2″ square aluminum tubing and designed to fit in the original brick arch located above the main entrance. An aluminum back panel was riveted on to help reflect the lights and cast them through the laser cut outs. Then a sheet of frosted acrylic was also added to prevent hot spots from the LEDs. We also layered more frosted acrylic on standoffs to give the art a more 3 dimensional look, true to a pinball playfield!

Vinyl wrapped aluminum

The front panel was vinyl wrapped with a cool gradient pattern by our good friends at 180 Designs in Carson City, Michigan. We’ve partnered with them on several projects and they always do stellar work!

Final art piece all lit up

If you’re looking for some custom metal artwork that is sure to attract attention reach out to Michigan Imagery to see what we can design for you!