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Steel frame and mascot logo made for the Williamston baseball team in MI
Williamston Baseball Scoreboard Sign

We recently had the pleasure to do a project for Williamston Public Schools. They were looking for something to go on top of their baseball scoreboard that featured their school logo. We designed a large steel arch with a riveted sign attached to the middle featuring the Williamston Hornet.

Bent steel tube frame attached to baseball scoreboard
Lifting the Steel Frame into Place

The frame was the most challenging part to install as it weighed several hundred pounds. We decided to fabricate the frame into two halves and then joined them together once we got them lifted in place. The top of the scoreboard was 24 feet high so we rented an offroad scissor lift that was capable of reaching that height.

Welded steel frame made in Lansing for the Williamston Athletics Program
Ratcheting the Two Halves Together

Once we had the two halves attached to the steel I-beams we used ratchet straps to pull the two pieces together with two pieces of square steel tubing inside the frame to add support.

Personalized art piece that accents the Williamston Baseball scoreboard
Steel Frame in Place, Waiting for the Williamston Hornets Logo

With the frame secured in place we used a separate bucket lift to attach the face of the sign. The face is constructed using four layers of galvannealed steel, powdercoated in white, black, green, and gold, all riveted together.

William Hornets Medallion School Logo

If you’d like to add some flare to your school’s athletic fields feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to build something for you!